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Hire the Latest Digital Sennheiser Tour Guide System from Radio Waves


The Digital 2020-D Sennheiser Tour Guide System comprises of a digital wireless microphone and a number of wireless digital stethoset receivers. Your Guide or Interpreter talks into the microphone and your visitors will listen through the headset. Your message, commentary or information will be heard clearly by your visitor and your guide will not have to shout to be heard and will still be able to speak at the end of a busy day!  Your visitors will also benefit from this system as they will be able to concentrate on what the guide is saying rather than having to listen to background noise – thus keeping them interested and is certain situations – safe.


6 channels available
No licence required
Transmitter and receivers fitted with rechargeable batteries
20-way carry case includes charging system
Hand held and body worn transmitters
Auto shut off when receiver ear bows are closed

Download the brochure here or contact us for further details

2020D Tourguide System