Shop Watch Radio Schemes

Shop Watch and Pub Watch schemes are cost effective proven crime reduction tools.

With the use of two way radios, shopping centres and local high streets can use a Shop Watch scheme to stay in touch. Shop Watch radio links enable messages to be passed instantly between members allowing them to observe the movement and actions of potential shoplifters and other known hazards and report any suspicious activity to the local police, centre or shop security office and CCTV control room.

Radiowaves have been involved in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of shop watch systems for over twenty years. We provide a variety of bespoke systems and offer free site surveys and impartial advice on giving you the right system for your needs.

Shop and Pub Watch Schemes provide the following

  • Reduction in crime
  • Gives staff and Police the ability to pursue criminals and still remain in contact with other users who can then provide assistance
  • Gives your staff the ability to get help quickly if they are being assaulted or threatened
  • Enhanced Health & Safety
  • Instant Communication
  • Each Radio Link member is supplied with a top of the range hand portable radio
  • Panic button feature & caller identification

Shop and Pub Watch Schemes provide protection against

  • Shoplifters
  • Anti social behaviour
  • Counterfeit money
  • Stolen credit cards
  • Known troublemakers
  • Pick pockets
  • Bomb alerts
  • Drunks

Do you have a requirement for a watch scheme in your Area?

Radiowaves have years of experience in providing successful watch schemes throughout the UK so if you want more information on setting up your watch scheme just give one of our friendly team members a call and they will be happy to discuss your requirements.

For more information on two-way radio systems for your business give us a call on 0121 554 8403, or alternatively email us