Manufacturing and Warehousing

Enabling Your Workforce to Stay In Constant Contact

Throughout the manufacturing and warehousing industry success depends on two things, efficiency and responsiveness. Motorola radios provide clear communication, often in noisy environments, that is essential to avoid downtime - and to enable the fastest response to production problems or injuries.

Radiowaves has teamed up with the top manufacturers in the two-way radio industry to offer you the perfect communications products and solutions for manufacturing and warehousing operations.

Description: MOTOTRBO DP4801 Ex (ATEX-Certified) Digital Radio

Radios in Hazardous Areas

Two way radios can be a risk in Hazardous areas for reasons listed below. Our ATEX approved radios are specifically designed to minimize the risk.

When a radio transmits, it emits electromagnetic energy. If the energy level is too high it can cause explosive gases present in the environment to ignite

Sparking. If a radio is disconnected from its battery, or accessories from the accessory socket, sparks could occur which could cause an explosion. The stored energy in the radios (capacitors or inductors) can result in a spark when failures occur.

High Temperatures. Failures in the radios or on the connected devices can cause components or surfaces of the enclosures to heat up to a level that could cause a dust or gas explosion.

A global survey conducted by Motorola’s Sales teams showed that the top three concerns of users of Intrinsically Safe products are:

  • Equipment is environmentally safe, in other words reliable, robust and ATEX approved.
  • Audio features - loudness, crystal clear sound and tone.
  • Equipment handling and operation is easy while wearing gloves.