Digital Radio

Remaster your workforce with the right radio.

From the front desk to the factory dock, moving across campus or around the country, MOTOTRBO radios are connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work. Information is instantaneous. Decision-making becomes easier. Safety gets stronger. Productivity increases. Service improves and customers are more satisfied.

Whether you want ultra-thin portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth or industry-leading data applications, we have the right radio that fits your needs today and evolves with new features to address your requirements tomorrow.

So Why Chose Mototurbo Digital Two-Way Radios?

Professional digital two way radio systems operating within the licensed spectrum provide you with capabilities that other mobiles technologies cannot. These advantages make it the clear choice for mobile organizations that require a cost-effective, flexible, highly reliable solution. Radiowaves are able to tailor a solution to meet your specific coverage and functionality requirements. There’s no need to depend upon on often unreliable and always more expensive public networks. A two-way radio solution typically pays for itself in less than 18 months, as compared to cellular or public solutions, which require ongoing monthly payments.

The Digital Difference - Analogue two-way radio use proves itself every day in numerous installations around the world. Currently a new platform is available to help you achieve new levels of performance and productivity. Digital technology enables that breakthrough. Many businesses need more than the fundamental services that analogue two-way radio can deliver. Licensed channels can become crowded while end users clamour for more capacity in combination with voice, you may also need access to data to improve responsiveness and productivity.

Integrated Data Enables Advanced Applications - MOTOTRBO is changing the way businesses communicate. With cutting edge applications customers can easily build on their investment and add more cutting edge high-value capabilities. Applications such as location services and text messaging services are available now through Radiowaves Communications.

Location Services - MOTOTRBO Location Services gives the ability to track people and assets, such as vehicles. This state-of-the –art technology takes advantage of the GPS modem and receiver incorporated within some models of both the portable and mobile radios, combined with the Mototrbo Location Services software applications. GPS-equipped portable and mobile radios can be configured to transmit there geographical coordinates at pre-programmed time intervals, on demand, and in case of an emergency. Mototrbo Location Devices software applications provide dispatchers with a real-time display of fleet activity. With Mototrbo Location Services you can enjoy the advantages of location tracking with no monthly fees.

IP Site Connect - Use the Internet to extend MOTOTRBO’s voice and data capabilities. Link up to 15 sites at geographically dispersed locations, create wide-area coverage or enhance coverage at a single site with physical barriers.

Capacity Plus - Opt for this single site digital trunking system to maximise the capacity of MOTOTRBO. Use it for a high volume of voice and data communications and link over a thousand users at a single site.

Text Messaging Services - The Mototrbo Text Messaging Services enables you to communication between radios and the dispatch system, email-addressable devices, and to remote PC clients attached to radios. The Mototrbo computer software application adds a PC-based, client/server software application for dispatch-oriented messaging to the system, which extends the capabilities of messaging to include communications between radios and dispatcher PC. Additionally the dispatcher PC can act as a gateway to email, allowing messaging between email-addressable devices and radios.

Lower Licensing and Equipment Costs. - Digital two-way radio solutions based on Time- Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology enable two virtual channels within a single 12.5 kHz licensed repeater channel.

Clearer voice communications - Better range. When signal strength drops off with distance, digital error-correction technology can accurately deliver both voice and data with virtually no loss over a far greater area.

Easy Migration - Many businesses can't afford to completely replace existing infrastructure. MOTOTRBO’s ability to operate in both analogue and digital modes enables a smooth, planned migration at your pace. (Digital features are not available when operating in analogue mode).

For more information download the Digital radio overview leaflet for a guide to digital radio technology, or view the MotoTrbo digital solutions brochure for a guide to the MotoTrbo digital portfolio.

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