Digital Radio Applications

There are many added benefits to having a digital radio system but probably the most notable one is the number of digital applications available. Numerous radio systems are now sold on the basis of the application and its capability instead of just than the radio equipment it utilises.

Application features can include:

  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Control Room Solutions
  • Call Dispatcher
  • Call Logging
  • Voice Recorder
  • Reporting
  • Emergency Voice Call Management
  • Outdoor GPS based Localisation
  • Indoor Beacon based Localisation
  • Guard Control
  • Man Down and Lone Worker
  • Personal Security Solutions

To see all of the Motorola Digital Radio Applications available, please download the Applications Brochure, If you are unsure which Application is required, you may wish to view the Application Features tables.

MotoTrbo Applications

Fleet Management Applications

TRBOnet Enterprise - A professional grade application primarily developed for effective radio system control & benefitting from an array of features to enhance personnel safe-keeping & efficiency. download brochure

TrakRanger - TrakRanger offers a unique, cost-effective solution to providing real-time & historic location tracking & messaging for radio / mobile handsets. download brochure

SmartPTT Enterprise - SmartPTT Enterprise implements complex dispatching control over MOTOTRBO™ networks. It is the ideal solution for networks based on MOTOTRBO repeaters. Functionality includes event logging & GPS monitoring. visit website

HermesTRX Enterprise - Equipped with features such as Geo-Fencing, various digital mapping platforms & the direct connectivity for up to 16 MOTOTRBO™ radios, hermesTRX is leading the standards in the MOTOTRBO™ application world.

System Performance Management Applications

SmartPTT Monitoring - SmartPTT Monitoring is a tool for in-depth analysis & control over connected MOTOTRBO infrastructure. The Application monitors the performance of the dispatcher system.

TRBOnet Watch - TRBOnet Watch monitors all traffic on MOTOTRBO IP SITE CONNECT systems. It helps to balance channel loading & define & solve problems in a radio network.

Lone Worker & Personal Security Solution Applications

Hermes Man-Down Option Board - An optional retro-fitted board for MOTOTRBO portable radios. This life-saving Application calls for assistance when the radio ‘falls-over’ or remains motionless for a predetermined period of time.

ZONITH Indoor Positioning System (IPS) - Displays the location of each radio user on a graphical interface. Control room staff can move throughout maps/floor plans to locate people. The only app. that supports ‘real time’ indoor positioning without affecting radio network performance.

TRBOnet™ Indoor - TRBOnet™ Indoor is a software & hardware system that allows the positioning & control of digital MOTOTRBO subscribers indoors where GPS satellite navigation system signals are unavailable.

Data Transmission & Telemetry

ZONITH Alarm Control System (ACS +Plus) - The ZONITH ACS +Plus intelligently and automatically dispatches emergency & business critical alarms to MOTOTRBO™ radios.

Infrastructure & Network Components

Motorola Capacity Plus - Automatically share channel resource across Digital Repeaters to allow multiple groups to operate independently but with "All Call" capability. Supports Individual and Group Calls. download brochure